So It Begins...

The Preamble to 24+ Days of Knitting starts now.

The pattern to kick off your Thanksgiving weekend is sweet, simple, and will make a quick gift to pop under the tree, once you get it up that is...

Have family arriving?
Descending upon your home for the big turkey day?
Need a little something you can pick up and knit and put down to answer the doorbell?

Well, I have the perfect thing for you.

London Mitts by Thea Coleman aka BabyCocktails

Photo by Babycocktails 

250 yards worsted weight wool.

You have time to run to your LYS I promise. Don't even make up an excuse to leave the house just say you forgot something at the store and you'll be back, no no thank you very much, i'll be faster on my own... and run to the car before anyone can catch you.

none of us will hold it against you if you sit in the corner by the cashmere rubbing your cheeks against it thinking hosting Thanksgiving in June sounds way better than hosting it in November the day before.

Who knew we had so many family members...

I digress, it's just four of us here at moms house in glorious sunny Naples Florida.

You get my drift.

Hit the stash, hit the LYS, grab your needles, the wine (whole bottle is fine) and settle in for a glorious day of knitting, greeting family, and gulping sipping your wine or beverage of choice...


Lisa Pakosh said…
Hmmmm makes me want to go shopping at my local LYS.....oh that's right, I don't have a local LYS....but there is always the internet eh? lol Gorgeous pattern, going in my queue!
Carmel said…
I think your daughters would love these!

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