24DOK Day 11: These Won't Melt in Your Hand...

In honor of the newest member of the MochiMochiLand Family todays pattern is by Anna Hrachovec who's newborn son arrived this week.

Congratulations on your new little bundle!
He's going to love all your little mochimochis as much as the rest of us.

Last year, I spent Christmas in Naples, Florida at my mom's house.

A balmy 75 degrees at Christmas is actually quite wonderful, but having spent a number of years in Minnesota snow at Christmas makes it extra special.

How do you get snowmen in Florida?

Well, you purchase the Mochimochi Snowman pattern and get down to business.

Until you add the eyes arms and the wee tiny knit scarves they look like packing peanuts, but once they come together, prepare yourself for the giggles because every time I finished one I giggled like a goose.

It's late. I've never heard a goose giggle but I'm sure it's wonderful.

You can make little snowmen.
You can make medium size snowmen.
You can make a jumbo snowman.

Change the yarn weight, change the size, just remember to keep the needle size a couple sizes below the recommended size for the yarn to keep the stitches tight and the stuffing where it belongs.

Stuffing... I love Thanksgiving stuffing.

I told you it was late.

I made a bunch of these last year as a surprise for my mom on Christmas Morning.

She loved them.

These would make great ornaments for a tree.
Sweet little favors on packages wrapped up with string... (are you singing it now, I am)
How fun would it be for a favorite niece, nephew, or favorite child to open a box of knit up little snowmen?

Heck, I'd fall to the floor in a heap of delight if I got a box of knit snowmen.

Giggling like that darn goose.

Happy Friday Night!!
Welcome to the weekend!


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