24DOK Day 16: Cover Yer Nuggets!

As I typed that title I realized that it could a million different directions.
Being me, it went dirty, and it went dirty fast.

I refer to my own head as a nugget.

this is me last year when my hair was short and blond

So we'll leave it at this during our somewhat family friendly 24DOK Post.

It's winter time.
It can be one of my very favorite times of the year.
It's a time when I can really rock, without question, my hand knits.

Hats, scarves, cowls, mitts, socks, blankets.

I will sport them all.

The hat is my favorite though.

Need a trendy accessory?
Going to be outside hunting Christmas trees or trekking thru parking lots?
Going to an event that can transition from indoors to outdoors?
Woke up and have to get to the coffee shack ASAP but the hair from the night before can't be tamed?

Slap a hat on it.

Fingering weight to Super-Bulky weight. I've knit my share of fantastic hats.
Some look awesome.
Some make my head look like a male appendage (family friendly still)

They are all fun.
They are all fast.
They are all awesome.

This one is super fast and super cute and one of my favorites to sport as we delve deeper into the dark dark depths of winter and my hair styling efforts take on a fast & loose style that makes even Dale shoot up an eye brown when I walk thru the house.

Autumn by the ever beautiful and talented Jane Richmond.

Super-Bulky wool. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. Don't get snobby on me either. As super-bulky yarns go with acrylic this one is hands down my favorite to work with. I'm not a fan of the rest of the wool-ease line but I stand by the durability of this one. Hit your craft store and stock up.

Size 11 & 13 Needles. You can literally crack this out in an hour. I promise you. You could knit one for the entire Messiah Chorale in the time it takes them to sing the entire Messiah program.

Not familiar? It goes on forever.
It's beautiful.
Sooooo loooooonggg!

So, you have your task.
Get your super bulky wool.
Your big clickety clack needles
crack out as many Seed Stitch loving hats as you can in the next 24 hours.
While you are at it, go get yourself some big pom pom makers and slap a pom pom on that baby!

Don't make it took big though or it'll fall off...
The hat will fall off your head.
Not the pom pom.
Unless you didn't secure it properly which I am sure has happened.

Not to me, but it's happened to someone I'm sure.

Happy Wednesday?
Sweet Jesus is it Wednesday?


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