24DOK Day 17: Back 2 Back

I'm sticking with my schedule of events for the time being so that means you get back to back Jane Richmond patterns.

Headed to a Christmas party or nine this weekend?
Need to find yet another hostess gift?
Have some extra super bulky yarn?
Say about 270 yards?
Size 17 needles?
Crochet hook?

Did you say yes to all of the above?

Did you give it a 'Hells Yesssss'?

If you did, then all you need is this fantabulous pattern.


A super-bulky lacey ribbed fringed scarf.

I know. So many wonderful things wrapped up in one scarf, how can you hold back.

I had the honor, the pleasure, and delight of test knitting this for her before it released last year.

My friend who was the recipient loves it.

I love it.

Again, It's one of those things that I make for someone else and think 'i need one of those for me'

And then like a crazy crow get distracted by more patterns, yarns, notions, life and it falls to the back of the pile.

This scarf knits up crazy fast! It's so warm and squishy, whoever you gift it to, will love it.

Don't be ashamed to wrap that up for yourself and put it under the tree either. I make, buy and wrap a lot of stuff for me that I put under the tree and tell everyone the dogs bought it for me.

I promise, when you knit this scarf and give it a test wrap about your neck you'll be as delighted as I was last year when I took these pictures...

I wonder where that striped sweater is, I love that thing but it seems to have vanished.

Maybe Mr. Brown took it. He's was notorious in his younger days of taking my things and hiding them under his bed.

Rock on Thursday.
Cannon ball us into the weekend!


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