24DOK Day 19

I took the 18th day off. Literally from work and the 24DOK.

I had a hot date with two and half year old Peanut for Christmas cookie decorating.

So I return to you now with the 19th day!

Erich's AF Knockoff Hat.

This one has been in this event many times.


Because it's a damn fast knit.

I just made this one in an hour from cast on to on my nugget.

Super bulky wool
Size 15 or 13 circulars.

Please disregard the dog hair on me. It's my life when I wear black.

Or clothes.

Happy Saturday!

I think I need to wear more black hats.

Ps: no links because I'm doing this whilst laying on the couch from my phone.

It's on Ravelry.

Over the years I've made dozens!


Mary Neill said…
I love you Carmel ❤️
Pamela said…
So glad to see I'm not the only one who lives with dog hair. Cute hat. How did the cookies turn out?

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