24DOK Day 20: Go Big or Go to the Mall....

this is what you get when a project flies off the needles and into a gift box before the knitter realizes she needs to snap a photo. 
The countdown to Christmas is on people.
This Friday is officially Christmas.
I have a slew of wicked fast projects coming at you this week that you can crack out in the time it takes to watch a movie, a sitcom, or listen to the entire Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Album.

Break out your size 19 needles.

Trust me, they do make them, I've made good use of mine this week.
Go get yourself 87 yards of super-bulky
Then hit Ravelry and download this freebie by Jane Richmond.


I made three this weekend. Two on Saturday and one on Sunday.
Along with three AF Knockoff hats. :)

I know, I'm all about super-bulky, big needles, and accessories but come on people, if you can crack out a sweater in time to block, seam, wrap and place under the tree by christmas I'll bronze your knitting needles for you.

Trust me. At this point in the game it's go big, or go to the store for yet another perfume gift box.

Trust me.

Invest in some knitters pride size 19 needles. You'll love them. Smooth with sharp pointy tips.

The projects will fly off your needles. FLY!

There is a lot of Jane Richmond love the closer we get to Christmas and I'll tell you why.

She likes to use a lot of super-bulky wool which is always a win.
Her patterns are classic, timeless, and beautiful.
She has a huge accessorie library to choose from.

go. knit. be happy.

The actual Monday post is coming later.


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