24DOK Day 23 & 24: Embrace the Panic. Embrace It.

Not too much panic here...
Well maybe a little.

I do have a lot to get ready for dinner tonight at our house and dinner tomorrow at the MIL's.
We'll have about 10 people here tonight for my mom's Italian beef and sausage, vegetable spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and Kentucky Butter Cake.

I have 1 hat left to knit for a gift tonight and two to knit for gifts tomorrow.

I can feel the panic building now.

Oye! It's Christmas Eve.

24 Days of Knitting is winding down.

But we aren't done yet.

These two gifts are perfect last minute additions

The first is Hannah Fettigs 70 Yard Mitts

I made four pairs of these this fall as gifts. I have a few more pairs to crack out for friends. They knit up pretty quick, and if unlike me, you have everything done today and can be a knitter of leisure then this pattern is perfect for you to work on today.

For those of you who are more to my end of the spectrum this next pattern is perfect.

Everyone wears knee high boots, except this thunder calves girl here, and boot toppers are quite necessary for all the boot wearers in our world. This pattern I found uses super-bulky wool (win) size 13 needles (win win) and are eight inches long (trifecta win)

The AF Knockoff Hats I knit on 13 needles so when I make a pair of boot toppers I think I'll drop down to an 11 for a snugly fit.

Simple Boot Toppers is by Amy Seeger. It's a free pattern.

photo by Amy Seeger

I promise all the boots in your world will thank you.

Tomorrows post will be the last in the series...
Gather up all your have used skeins, scissors, and your laptop...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


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