24DOK Day 25: Merry Christmas

dear knitters, 

you worked so hard this holiday season, knitting gifts, shopping for gifts, knitting more gifts, possibly ripping some out and starting over. 

i hope you enjoyed as much as i did my 24 days of knitting. i had a blast flushing out patterns for you by the designers i love. 

i wish you all the very merriest of christmases. 
may your family wear their knitted good with pride and know the amount of love poured into every stitch. 

today's pattern is simple and fun. 

Pom Poms. 

if you don't have a pom pom maker i found a handy dandy template for you.

it's always a good idea to have a few on hand to toss at people. 

merry christmas my knittahs. 

thank you for a very memorable holiday of knitting. 

Click the link for a video of all we did this past month! 

now back to our regularly scheduled program. 



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