24DOK Days 21-22: Time to Get a Grip

Really people.
The big day is 3 days away.
Three. Days.
In three days our families will all be waking up to beautiful packages wrapped up under the tree, chilly weather, fresh coffee cake and fresh squeezed orange juice, only to find The Knitter collapsed in the corner in a heap of yarn, blistered fingers, charred wooden needles, and an empty bottle of eggnog clutched in her arms.

I've spent many a Christmas Eve awake till the wee hours of the morning trying to finish a Christmas surprise only to fall asleep while knitting and be woken up by a sharp jab in the toosh by a wayward dpn. (this is a painful flashback to last christmas as I sat up late sewing wee knit scarves on the snowman army I had made my mom)

It's not fun.
It can be avoided.

These two suggestions for you today will help ease that late night knitting extravaganza and allow you to enjoy your family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with only the slightest twitch remaining from that final Christmas Knitting push.

Winter Morning

Make one of these for yourself while you're at it and you can slap it around your head Christmas morning so you won't have to do your hair. See, just checked one item off your list.

I love this little ear warmer headband. It's supremely functional, you can customize the size to fit a toddler up to a full grown man.
You can wear it comfortably over your earbuds as you dash out of the house for a quick escape run to burn off that sour cream coffee cake you ate at 3:00 a.m.

Seriously though. All the ladies in your life will love this gift. I promise. It takes like an hour to knit.

The pattern suggests kitchernering (not even a real word but work with me) the ends together when you are done but I've been doing a 3 needle bind of and loving it. Perfect little seam.

Next up for all those coffee drinkers who like to use go-cups or the ever environmental friendly mason jar with a cuppow lid...

Main Street by TinCanKnits.

Super fast.
Very stretchy

I use mine on my pint glasses because I hate sweaty beer glasses. 
It's a great little knit to use up last bits of yarn and if you want to go all gifty with it, hit the canning aisle and pick up a bunch of wide mouth mason jars, order your cuppow lids and maybe toss in a pound of coffee.

Use your prime account for those cuppows or you won't have them by Friday!

Hang in there everyone. It's almost here and then we can get back to our regularly
schedule knitting program.


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