Day 3: Behold I Have Found my Mittens!

Now we shall all have some pie!

Oh how I wish there was a slice of pie at the end of every mitten search.

Am I right?

Of course I am.

How wonderful are mittens?
All you need to knit is a separate thumb the rest is just like a big sock for your hand.

What makes them super wonderful for us knitters is that there are so many mitten patterns on Ravelry

Fair Isle
Babies to full grown lumberjack handed men.

Mittens Mittens Mittens for everyone!

Well, I guess you know what my inspiration is for today's post.


It was subtle.

I have two very wonderful mitten patterns for you today.

The first one, by Susan B. Anderson, who, living in the Midwest, knows a little something something about the necessity of a good solid mitten. The pattern I chose from her is for the young ones in your life, You should make multiple pairs, because if they are like me, I am always searching for that second mitten.

Or maybe a slice of pie.

Photo by Susan B. Anderson  

Little Waiting for Winter Mittens 
They go from Baby to Tween and using your favorite worsted weight wool will definitely knit up fast and be so fun for all the little hands in the family!

The second mitten pattern we have for you all today is Linden Mitts  by Jane Richmond.
I had the honor of test knitting this pattern for her and what fun it was.

Yarn called for is fingering weight. I knit mine using a discontinued colorway from Knit Picks Felici line but I've used other fingering weight and it's all great.

What makes these mittens awesome is the design. I've never had a pair of mittens fit so well in my life. I love them!

Don't be wary of the fingering weight either. They go a lot faster than you would think!

Happy Happy Thursday Everyone!

Now, go bake a pie, knit some mittens, and then go eat some pie.


Pamela said…
Yeah! Pie! I see you made pecan pie, my fave. I need to make two more. Timpani ate half the pumpkin pie. Apparently he thought it was very good.
Carmel said…
Pamela, I made the Pioneer Woman's Pecan Pie it was my first ever and it was amazing! I made it the day before and it was basically a toffee pecan pie :)

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