It Came in Like a Wrecking Ball...

Just like that we're into 2016.

So far this week has brought: 

1. An update to my hair color. Thanks AG for getting me in even though I left my wallet at home. Thank goodness I've memorized my charge number.

2. Losing my phone.
Finding my phone. Thank you to the Cloud and 'find my iphone' app, not to mention my boss who kept hitting the locator button as I ran back down to my car a third time to try and find it.

3. Getting rear-ended in the garage by a woman wolfing down a sugar wafer cookie. Don't worry D, I checked it over real good after I asked the woman four times to move her car.

It went a little like this:

totally unrelated to the story but this what my face looked like i'm sure.

Me to K: I think she hit me.
K: She definitely hit you.

Me: gets out of car
The Guilty Party (TGP): Looks bewildered as to why I'm out of my car.

Me: You just hit my car. (I'm saying this to the woman who is still sitting in her car looking annoyed at me)
TGP: Me? I hit your car?

Me: Yes, you hit my car.
TGP: Are you sure?

Me: Well, if you get out of your car, you'll see your car kissing mine.
TGP: You want me to get out of my car? I don't think I hit you.
 *repeat two more times...

Me: Well if you would get out of your car you would see... that you did indeed hit me.

TGP: Gets out of her car and observes the situation.

TGP: I don't think it did any damage to your car.
Me: Really? Because I can't see if you did any damage till you move your car back.
TGP: you want me to move my car?
Me: Yes, Please.
TGP: Why? I think your car is fine. I don't think it's damaged.  I don't see any damage
Me: Well until you move your car we aren't going to know.
TGP: You want me to move my car?
Me: Yes. *clenched teeth* Please.

Enter Parking Attendant who helpfully makes the woman park her car. While I pull forward, touch the bumper, try and shake the bumper etc. Everything is fine.
I get back in my car and as I'm backing up to turn around the TGP approaches and

TGP: I'm so sorry. I was distracted.
Me: No problem. There is no damage
TGP: *waving the biggest sugar wafer cookie i've ever seen* You know how it is when you have a three year old at home and they get into everything... my mind was elsewhere.
Me: Well, it's all fine. thank you.

Me to myself and K: WTF was that excuse? Is the three year old home alone? Just say you were distracted trying to unwrap you f'ing snack... and no, I don't know what it's like having a 3 year old at home.

I was this ___ close to trying to bite that sugar wafer cookie if she waved it near my face one more time.

So, moral of the story, if you hit someone because you're unwrapping a cookie, don't blame it on the three year old you obviously left at home alone. Fess up and offer the victims a cookie.

I love sugar wafers.

Happy Friday.
Exciting knit action coming soon.


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