Happy Easter!

We are not super religious in our corner of the family.

While growing up we did attend the Easter Mass, followed by the Easter Brunch and the Easter Egg Hunt.

Lets be honest, Easter Brunch at a fancy restaurant is where it's at, especially when you are 8 years old and your parents let you fill your own plate.

Dessert for breakfast!

Waffles and Omelettes and a dessert bar that would make your heart stop.

My love for Petits Fours came from the Easter Brunch buffet at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle when I was seven years old. I have loved ever since the idea of little individual dessert cakes.

Today though is a pretty normal Sunday with the added bonus of Easter dinner at our friends house this afternoon with their extended family.

So, I woke up at 6:00 and headed to the store to get ready to crack out some Cheddar Chive and Guinness bread not to mention two Gooey Butter Cakes.

I am the girl who loves to get to the grocery store first thing in the morning. I love it.
I can putter around at whim buying whatever my heart desires and my list dictates.

I've also started planning out our meals for the entire week and prepping breakfast for the week all on Sunday's. Which has made a huge difference in my life, not to mention our dining out budget.

A difference of 40 pounds to be exact. I'll tell more as I get back into the flow of blogging again but for now I'll keep my silence.

Life changes people. Life changes.

The Easter Bunny did visit this morning after I went to the grocery store. Phoebe got a stuffed Lamb Chop and Mr. Brown got a fancy biscuit. More his style... his love for stuffies is taking them away from his sisters and running around till they smack him to get them back.

What's the breakfast this week? Muffin omelets. Bake them in muffin tins, freeze them and reheat them at the office. Hopefully it works or we're going back to the whole wheat berry walnut muffins we've been eating for weeks on end.

Spring is definitely trying to show its face here in the PNW, however as it's currently pouring down rain it seems to have lost it's way.

No worries though. I leave on the 8th to head far southeast to Naples to visit mom and G for almost nine sun soaking days. Shopping, beach, dolphin sitings, maybe I'll start my running program in Naples, I always think this is a good idea because it's flat and every vacation I come home, still without a solid running program.

As of right now I'm only packing one knitting project and plan on buying yarn for the KAL we are starting over at America's Knitting it's the Gemini KAL. We'll be knitting the summer top Gemini by Jane Richmond and we are all super excited. I'm hoping to find some cotton bamboo to use for mine.

If you want to join, pop of over to the America's Knitting group and join us. We'd love to have you.
The official thread will be posted at the end of April with all the details and 'rules'.

Happy Sunday all! My cooking timers are all going off at the same time

eeeeek! Back into the kitchen!


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