Make It...

On our recent trip to Orlando we stopped for dinner several times at this local Italian place by our condo.

Each time I ordered the Chicken Pallermo.

Every. Single. Time.

Two chicken cutlets pan fried and tossed with a white wine butter sauce with artichoke hearts, baby peas, and pepperoncinis.


I found this recipe link when we got home and have been itching to try it.

Welcome Monday.

You want a fast tasty dinner?

You can crack thus out in less than an hour.

I did make a few changes.
I nixed the dredging in flour and the frying in butter.

Serve with your favorite whole wheat noodles and green veggie and you have a perfect dinner!


MeganH said…
Looks delish! How would it be without the pasta? I gave up breads and pasta and damn is it tough!!
Carmel said…
why did you give up bread and pasta? It's good without the pasta too... maybe try it with quinoa or brown rice.
Anonymous said…
If you didn't fry in butter, did you just sear the chicken in oil then bake?

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