New Format Launching Tomorrow...

safety never takes a day off. 
If you know me.
If you know me well.
You know that I function way better with a schedule than by the seat of my pants.

I can adapt pretty quick. My husband is laughing right now.
I can adjust and be somewhat flexible after a mini sometimes hidden panic attack at a change in plans.

For the most part though a plan of action allows me to get more done.

The 24 Days of Knitting is a good example.

I had every day mapped out a whole month before.
It changed.
Patterns got shifted in the schedule, some more got added some got cut but the bones of it were solidly in place before Thanksgiving weekend.

So every couple years to reinsure my blogging, which I love, and my knitting, which has fallen aside lately with life changes and updates, I tend to do a revamp to give myself a little more structure and maybe include more of the stuff I love.

For example


There will be lots of knitting related posts and such, and eventually I'll probably stray from the format but I'll try to keep it in check for a while.

On that note, I'm going to do blog plan for the week and see you all tomorrow.

Happy Saturday Ya'll


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