WIP: Three Color Cashmere Cowl

For the first time in probably 12 years, I took a vacation and only brought one knitting project with me.

I'll give you a second to get back up off the floor.

That's right my peeps, one project.

It took a strong dose of reasoning. I had to use all my powers of control to be firm with myself and say 'No way in hell are you fitting that damn bulky sweater in your carry on bag'.

Now, I'm not above reorganizing en route to the airport and secretly stuffing D's carry on with a little extra wool, but I do always get caught.

I knew we would be busy, all day every day.
I knew that we would be tired at night.
So my super reasoning powers kicked in and told my 'I am on vacation I can knit a gazillion things!' self that one project was plenty.

Thank goodness.

I knit on the flight there till the xanax kicked in... then very wisely put the knitting down.

I knit in the car on the way to Daytona and at the Can Am Duel races.

I knit a couple rows in the mornings before we headed out to the parks.

Most evenings though, that bag of yarn just sat on side table in the living room politely waiting for me to show it some love.

I'm still plugging away at it...

I'm not using a straight up cashmere. I think it's a cashmere-merino-alpaca blend. I am not sure, I jacked it from mom's stash last summer and it was already wound with nary a label to peruse for content, weight, or length. I have a pretty good gauge on length though now, I can probably knit three more of these cowls and have plenty left over.

It's a great project.
It's just mindless enough to knit when you're tired, not after a xanax.
It's great for hockey night.
Plus it travels well.

And since I have a trip coming up in 10 short days I'm going to try and finish it so I can start another travel project, and again, bring just one project to knit.

Especially since I'm trying to travel with just a carry-on.

Life on the edge people.
Life on the edge.


Kim said…
Oh! I am in love with the look of that--the colors,the drape, the softness. I am coveting it!

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