I cast on a *bulky pullover this weekend.
Easy, top down, size 11 needles.
Already separated the body from the sleeves.

Now I have a debate going on in my head.

The pattern calls for a hidden pocket.
I'm not opposed to the pocket.
I'm also not sure if I want to add the pocket. 
It might be a fun feature.
It might cause me to say some not so lady-like words while I make it.

I know summer is just starting to ramp up here in the PNW but I'm already excited for fall so I can wear my new sweater.

Back to the pocket debate.

What are your thoughts?
No Pocket?

What color should my pocket be? It calls for a contrasting yarn.

Welcome to a Tuesday that feels like a Monday and is also a month end at the office.


I need more coffee...


 *Pattern is Agnes by Melissa LaBarre for Quince and Co. Yarn is cascade 128 tweed in charcoal.


Pockets! Maybe in a soft pink or the Silvertips team color?
Mary Neill said…
I love the idea of pockets, and I'm really into Lobster Red, it's a softer lighter not as intense red that wants to be coral but is really asked!!

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