It's a number.
I turned 40 two years ago.

It was then I noticed that I was experiencing a lot of changes in my personality and behavior that was definitely not the norm for me.

I ate mushrooms. Literally ate and enjoyed mushrooms at my 40th birthday dinner. Up to this point I would spent 20 minutes meticulously picking mushroom bits out of anything.

I finally felt comfortable with who I was and where I was in my life. I have great friends. Amazing friends who I love so much and cherish every minute of time I get to spend with them. Even texting makes my day better.

I started having anxiety on planes. Not a good change but definitely a change. My doctor and I have remedied it beautifully.

I started wanting to ride the big scary fast twisty roller coasters. The same ones that 7 years before you couldn't drag me on. Loved it and did them again and again.

I started suffering bouts of depression and mild anxiety. Again not good but I can identify and cope.

In the last five months I've lost 50 pounds. Let me tell you what a boost of confidence that gives you.

I wore a dress to work today that 5 years ago would have put me into a tailspin of doubt about my ability to wear such a dress. Or the fact that I would even own a dress. I think the last dress I wore was in my brothers wedding six years ago.

The latest and greatest change since turning 40...

Red Lipstick.

I am loving my Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Adoring.

Mom and I are meeting up in San Francisco this Saturday then boogying down the coast to the Monterrey Peninsula for a glorious week of wine, beaches, knitting, and just being together.

Can't wait to see what she thinks of the red lips!

This dress is perfect for my job with orthopedic surgeons. It also glows in the dark. A dazzling detail that has spread around and resulted in me being dragged into dark rooms and closets all day... 

You can find this dress at ModCloth my favorite shopping site currently!


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