Little Adobe 2016: Part iii

Yesterday we took a long walk along the other side of the coastal trail.
Lovers Point is our start point for everything since it's literally across the street from the Adobe.

Again, I apologize (not really) for all the coastal shots.
It's hard to capture the magic in photos but I hope you can feel a little of it?

It's stunning.
Simply stunning.
If you ever get a chance to come to this area you must stroll thru Pacific Grove and along the Coastal Trail.
Today we're going to be chill. We went into Carmel again yesterday. I hit the Carmel Road tasting room and picked up a bottle of Barrymore Pinot Grigio and a bottle of Barrymore Pinot Rose I also tasted them both. Delicious. Go buy some. Now. I'll wait. No I won't but you can order it online and it's super reasonably priced and a great great summer wine. Mom and I are going to enjoy some tonight with our grilled chicken, risotto, and fresh asparagus.

We'll probably wonder down to Asilomar and walk the big long beach. Visit with our friend Ruth and her daughter Sharon. Mom has some gardening she's doing around the Adobe. I've been taking her to all her favorite nurseries and such for plant material.

Tomorrow I'll do my best for some more interesting coastal shots?

this right here encompasses everything wild and beautiful about this area. succulents, cypress, stone cut by the constant water, ice plant dripping down the granite walls... 

The PG parks department has done an amazing job with the beach access routes. Keeping in tune with the surrounding area... how amazing are these steps coming down?? 

its the end of ice plant blooming season here but there are still some beautiful blankets of it around... 

My spirit animal... 

On one of our visits Mom and I sat on this bench, drank some beer and had some sandwiches... 

Whatcha thinking about Mr. PackRat? Guys... this is quite possibly the best photo i've ever done... LOL 

Just stuff...

I wasn't ready for my headshot.


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