Phoebe Marie

We're heading into our 8th month with little Phoebe.
Here is what I know about her.

1. She's crazy. Full on crazy. I can't explain it. You have to experience it, but trust me. This girl is nuts.

2. She acts before she thinks. You can actually watch her do something and see the realization come across her face that says 'I've made a huge mistake'

3. She loves the sun. Loves it. Can't get enough of laying in the yard in the direct sun. In the house she'll find the sunbeam, even in the most uncomfortable spot, she'll be in it.

4. She eats bees. Like stalks the rhododendron bushes, hunts and eats the bees. I've seen her get stung and she just goes after them more. Never had a reaction yet but I have the Benadryl ready. (please refer back to point number one)

5. She loves to be outside and believes that all her babies need to be outside too... which reminds me I need to go out tonight and pick up her shark, duck, lizard, and fuzzy fox. I try to grab them when I let her out and I am successful but while I putter around after they are in the yard you'll hear what you assume is a bull running thru the house, manic squeaking, and before you can yell stop, the girl is back in the yard squeaking, jumping, and basically having the time of her life having pulled a very fast one on me.

6. She loves lounging in the chair in the living room watching the goings ons in the hood. Loves it.

7. I've never in my life known a dog who loves to scratch her back more than Phoebe. She does it all the time. She's done it on the couch till she fell off and fled the room with a look of 'god I hope no one saw that' on her face...
She'll just drop where ever she is and start rolling.

8. The more D ignores her the more she wants attention from him. The minute he seeks her out for attention she walks away from him. It's a well balanced relationship.

She makes me laugh. She makes me laugh every single day. She fits right in to our home.

Her and Mr. Brown coexist quite well. We had an incident back in April that we are all recovering from and we all learned a couple hard lessons. Phoebe is never allowed to eat outside of her crate and I should never hold Mr. Brown on my lap after scary incidents while wearing white pants.

Handsome old man...
Phoebe Marie, you little weirdo.

P.S. we are going to try taking her camping this summer so we'll need to fit her with a doggy life jacket because if you reference back to number two, I believe that she will run right off the end of the dock without realizing it's ending and end up in the water.

I need to set up a video camera for that...


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