Something Medicinal for the Weekend...

I am not 100% certain how it happened but before I knew it I was signed up for newsletters and all of the sudden I'm wanting to try new and amazing boozy concoctions.

Well I have tried one and it's a winner!

It's a perfect summer sipper. It could be a summer chugger but I think that would get us all in a heap of trouble and summer is about fun, not trouble.

The potential for trouble is strong with this drink though.

I love risky things.

Enter the Gimlet.

A drink with a history. The Gimlet was created for sailors as a way to prevent scurvy. You can read more about it here

You can find the recipe there as well...

I ordered two at the bar Saturday night with friends. They used the bottled lime juice that's already sweetened. It was delicious, but a very bright greenish color and a little sweeter than I typically like my mixed drinks.

Last night I broke out my organic Halcyon gin from a local distillery, grabbed a lime, Mr. Shaker, some ice, granulated sugar and went to town.

What I ended up with was a fresh, light, and incredible drink.

Take your shaker, fill with ice.
Add one shot of gin or more if you are feeling extra saucy... two shots will gurantee you will be saucy later.
Juice 1 whole lime into the shaker
add 1 tsp of granulated sugar

Shake Shake Shake - dance - Shake Shake Shake
Shake that Gimlet down.

Now take a squatty glass, add ice and strain your shaken, chilled beverage right into it.
Hop into a deck chair in the sun and just check out for a while.

trust me.
these are amazing.  

Drinks that I have on my list to try:

The Scofflaw
The French 75
Classic Bijou

that should get me a good way thru the summer...

Happy Thursday


Lynn said…
You should be in sales....will be trying the Gimlet soon, real soon!

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