The Little Adobe 2016 Part ii

Oh Pacific Grove.
This place is overwhelming in how it can touch you.
The beauty of the coastline.
The charming victorian homes, cottages, adobe houses.
You can walk and drive, and not see everything you want.

You have to keep coming back.

For mom and I it's like coming home. To a special place that is all our own.

We wandered around Carmel yesterday morning. We'll head over there again before we go so I can snap some more photos. We can't miss a sign of Carmel in Carmel right?

We took a stroll along the trail on the coastline last night...

Remember, I warned you a lot of these were coming.

I couldn't resist photographing this mans fantastic jacket. 

mom, watching me crab-walk my way down the rocks to get closer to the water... probably panicking just like she did when we were kids... 

I love this. Roots climbing down the side of the cliff and the tree is strong and beautiful. 

another point of beauty in PG. if a seed can find a crevice it will grow and it will thrive. it's the magic of the Penninsula. 

so many seagulls 


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