The Little Adobe: part iv

Okay. I know I've given you a lot of scenery.
Tons of scenery.
Stunning scenery shots.
I can't say that you aren't going to get that today as well but I did pull some photos from my iPhone so I'll mix it up a bit.

Also, we're headed to Big Sur today so I'll apologize in advance of the photos you'll get tomorrow. Maybe I'll be the weirdo who starts taking photos of her food so you guys don't get bored.

Oh and I am a knitter. Why are there no photos of yarn? I'll work on that too...

We took it fairly easy yesterday. Cruised over to Asilomar State Beach. Beautiful walking paths along the rocky coast that lead to a beautiful expanse of white sand beach and crashing waves.

And dogs.

Mom was in big dog heaven. Not a dog passed her that didn't get ear scratches and love from mom.

Let me tell you guys a not so big secret. Pacific Grove and Carmel are dog towns. They are everywhere and I would say 90% of them are rescues.

We then headed onto 17 Mile Drive to visit moms long time friend of 50 years. We visit Ruth every year. She's beautiful. The perfect lady with the best sense of humor. I love her.

Fresh strawberries and sweet peas that we picked up at the PG Farmers market. 

Swung into Carmel Road wine room in Carmel and picked up the Barrymore collaborations of Rose of Pinot Noir and a Pinot Grigio... I drank the whole bottle of Rose. It was amazing.  
one of these days. one of these days i'm going to learn that i need to either sunblock where i part my hair or remember to bring a hat. Well I had to buy a hat after I burned my scalp. I found the perfect one in Carmel. Sharks, waves, and my name. 

Moms La Crema Pinot and my Barrymore Rose of Pinot

When we were kids cruising the beaches in Washington we would run up to the big pieces of kelp and pop those bulbs and laugh... if you hit it just right they make a glorious popping sound...


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