Oh Friday...

All week I have been dealing with what appears to be the laziest cold ever. One day I have a sore throat, another day its a dry cough, yesterday evening it was a little stuffy in my sinuses, this morning, well we've kissed my voice goodbye.

I'm used to more of a cold that body slams me with everything at once and takes me down for a day then I'm on the mend the following days.

With all these changing symptoms day to day I'm like a squirrel at a rave trying to figure out which medicine to take for which ailment.

So far it's tylenol for pain, delsym for the cough days, and chewing gum for sore throats. Honestly you know I'm in bad shape if you see me pop a halls cough drop I hate them, I hate everything about them ever since I bought a variety that numbs your throat as you suck on them, I was drooling all over the place, my whole mouth was numb. Peppermint chewing gum is my throat soother and if I'm a bit nauseous the peppermint helps with that as well... just keep my supply well stacked. Before bed it's sliced ginger steeped in hot water and my bucky wrapped microwaved for 8 minutes and doused with eucalyptus oil and lavender laying on my chest. Then airborne all day every day at work.

Needless to say, I haven't knit a stitch all week. I get home, I eat my spicy ramen, and crawl into bed.

Next week we will have a little more structure on the blog as I get back into the swing of it...

I'm not going to lay it out yet but we'll see how it goes week to week. I have a planner and a calendar to use... Friday will be reserved for photos. Hopefully my favorites of the week.

Seeing how I have been a slow train on flu virus express I haven't taken any photos this week so I'll give you this, a picture of me and Mr. Brown last summer. I miss him every day and this picture makes me happy when I see it on my phone.

I'm off to Florida next week for a quick visit with mom to celebrate her birthday! I'm looking forward to soaking up some sun and mom time for a few days.

Have a good weekend



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