Dear Mama

I'm a couple days late with this message, but seeing as how I arrived on your birthday I guess I'm good.

Older is older you always say.
Older looks good on you I say.

I'm so glad I could arrive on your birthday. Big red bow, flamingo watering can& all!

I'm sorry the carrot cake cooling on the counter looks like a deflated Jabba the Hut.

Being here with you is absolute perfection.

Happy Birthday Mama!
Here's to funky carrot cake, grouper sliders and the best damn calamari this side of PG :)

I love you to the moon & back always and forever...

P.s. I'm well into the gin we bought yesterday ;)

The Photos:
Top: mom & I on Christmas Day 2016
Middle: mom, Rosie & I eating DQ after the Minnesota state fair
Bottom: mom at a coffee shop in Beaune France on our trip six and a half years ago.


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