Learning New Thangs...

Weekends become more and more whirlwind like the older I get.
No matter how many times I try to schedule 'be a sloth' in my day planner it always seems to get crossed off.

I'm not really complaining about being busy.
Maybe a little.

Of course I chose black yarn to knit a swatch in a totally knew stitch because I live on the edge like that.

Yesterday Mary, Diana and I motored up to Stanwood, Washington to PinchKnitter Yarns to learn  Brioche Knitting

My two color sample with increases and decrease.

If you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend it.
When it first appeared on the scene I thought to myself 'no f'ing way' but now, I'm quite possibly hopping on a full speed brioche knitting train.

much needed half & half and a full guiness for Mary at the end of the day...

Here we are! Team America's Knitting! Left to right: Me, Mary, Diana

Happy Monday!


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