Peanut Butter & Phoebe

Is definitely the way to this girls heart.
She likes to snuggle but it has to be on her terms.
If you just randomly try to snuggle her she'll typically pull back and give you a funny look.

Turns out if you give her peanut butter and you've got a game changer.

As soon as she had two bites of my pb toast this morning she promptly laid her legs across mine and hunkered down.

and no judging on the christmas table cloth still out... it's hiding yarn

Too bad it's Wednesday and not a really snuggle day. I could have camped out here all morning.

Here are some more random pics of our girl. I know it's been a while. She's doing so good.
Still crazy as a mosquito at a blood drive but good.

how can you not love this level of crazy and cute?
the best

This was sunday. she was feeling 'sick' i was worried so Lillian said I could bring her to her house for the night so I could go to my brioche knitting class. as soon as she saw a car ride in her future guess who felt surprisingly good? well, she still went to Lillian's little stinker.


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