Phoebes Big Adventure Weekend...

It's been almost two years since we brought Phoebe into our lives.
She's changed so much.
Her people anxiety has lessened.
She loves D and will seek him out for attention.

She killed a bunny, but we won't talk about that here...

And last weekend we were invited out to a family cabin and were told Phoebe could come along.

Well you can imagine my anxiety at this venture.
She has rules and sometimes people think they know better than my rules.

Well that wasn't an issue.
I didn't make it a huge issue.
Phoebe shined like the rockstar she has become.

It was a weekend of firsts and discoveries.

1. Her first food truck and brewery all in one night.

2. Her first ferry boat ride. 
3. Her first time sleeping in a camping trailer.
4. Her first view of Mason Lake, and being the notoriously nosy/curious dogs that boxers are, this deck was right up her alley and then she discovered...
5. Her first Sun Lounger
 weekend snuggles at home will never be the same after last weekend. 
6. Her first Pontoon Boat ride

She did great.
She fell in love with our hosts husband.
She did not like going into the water. Showed a little concern when I did.
She loved chilling on the deck on the lounger every chance she got.

She crashed hard Sunday when we got home, I think both of us were asleep by 6:00 p.m.

Can't wait for more adventures with our sweet boxer girl.
Every adventure we have even if it's chasing critters in the yard has shaped her into the sweetest boxer girl.


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