Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

Day Two: 
This was actually harder than you might think. 
However, I had some time to kill waiting for a new windshield so here we go... 

1. I was adopted. 
2. I am a midnight snacker. A habit I have broken in the past few years.
3. My favorite snack is cereal
4. I drink my coffee black 
5. I love to take pictures
6. The first date with my husband I came on way to strong, scared him, we didn't go out again for six months. Second date was the exact same. 
7. After two terrifying dates D & I became roommates instead of a couple. We've been married 14 years.
8. I met my husband online before it was cool. 
9. I love to get to the airport ridiculously early when I travel. 
10. My favorite dinner to cook is Thanksgiving. I love making the meal plan, the grocery list, the prep, all of it. 
11. I don't like turkey. 
12. I love the TLC show The Little Couple
13. I have never watched the final episode of Friends. Hence it will never end for me. 
14. I cried thru the entire 2 Hour series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
15. When I go to peoples homes I immediately love up their pets. Except Mary's. Her dog won't let me touch her. 
16. I have been knitting for almost 17 years. 
17. I have a yarn stash that I will never knit thru but that doesn't stop me from adding more. 
18. I have two brothers, two nieces, and seven nephews
19. D introduced me to Boxers. I love the bull breeds with my whole heart from French to Pitt to English to the Boxer. They're crazy strong and lovable. 
20. I didn't eat mushrooms till I turned 40. 

Carmel Creager


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