Stash Organization.....

It's been my goal for about 4 months now to get my yarn stash under control......Well I use the word control loosely as I have yarn spilling out of an empty flower pot in the corner of my living room that is surrounded by more yarn, a couple rubber maid totes full of yarn, i could go on forever. The plan is to organize the office upstairs into a office and yarn/knitting room. Up till now it was more of a storage space for stuff that we didn't know what to do with when we moved in 5 years ago, well it's going to change now! However the process of going through 5 years of storage can be frustrating at times as well as amusing. Last night I found a VHS player, I didn't think we even owned one in our previous house, but there it was. I found a couple old dog toys from our first boxer Baily which just about sent the other two dogs through the roof with wanting to play with them, i have to sew them shut, i'm guessing that's why they are in the office in the first place.
It's been interesting however. As I go through the yarn I own it's kind of a timeline of my knitting. 8 years ago was when I first started and not knowing better bought some very cheap, tactile repulsive yarn, which I apparently still own, now as I organize my current projects instead of the acrylic blends *gag* I'm playing with wool, alpaca, bamboo, mohair and my new favorite a sock yarn made out of merino wool, bamboo and just a pinch of nylon, it's shiny, silky and looks beautiful.
I'll post some pictures of my progress but I have a feeling that once I have all my yarn up on the shelves in a somewhat ADD organized fashion that it might be too embarrassing to admit that I own and plan to use as much yarn as I have. I wonder what my husband will say?
Happy Friday


Marcy said…
remember who your true friends are when it comes time to share the stash overflow!

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