maybe it's something in the beer......

But lately, all I've wanted to knit are shawls. You name it I probably have looked at the pattern. Yesterday I stumbled across the newest, newest as of yesterday morning, shawl pattern called 'it's good to be a girl' Damn right it is. Well that being said I quick ordered it and whammo just like magic, aka the internet, I had that pattern in my hot little hand and it only set me back a couple of bucks. That can't be said for the yarn but when you're a girl you have to keep things in perspective, especially if you are the sandwich board for your shawl. Now I have a word of warning about wearing your hand knit shawls, If you have a problem with people petting you it's probably best not to wander down this lane of iniquity that is shawl knitting. If you like to be fondled and groped by friends and strangers a like, go nuts, you can even wear it so the point is in the front, might be a bit suggestive but everyone likes a little tickle now and then. What is it with shawl knitting? I don't know, I used to think shawls were for old ladies something from the days of old. WRONG in a big way. Just because a shawl is a triangle doesn't mean you have to wear it draped over your shoulders. Scrunch that bad boy around your neck, pull that point to the front and give a passerby a thrill, have fun with it, it's an accessory that looks complicated, flows beautifully, and beckons people to talk to you, point at you, and touch you. (if you bought the cashmere it's your own damn fault that you get groped by women, they don't mean anything by it, maybe, but really if you cover your rack in cashmere you're going to get attacked, probably by me) there is something soothing to me about knitting a shawl, now lets take a moment to look at the pictures of the shawls I've knit and posted, non are extremely complicated in nature, there were no charts involved, maybe a swear word or two but what well knit garment hasn't been assaulted by a curse now and then, its the nature of the beast. I refer to my shawls knitting as relaxing knitting. It calms me down, makes me sleepy, and when I'm sitting in my office with a cool breeze blowing in from the cold air return vent, that shawl keeps me damn warm, and everyone wants to touch me. Thank goodness I don't knit bobbles...of course my boobs are bobbles enough.........
this is the beginning of 'it's good to be a girl' by Chrissy Prange, knit in Mushishi. 491 yards per skein by Plymouth Yarn Company. It's worsted which is not what the pattern calls for but, I rarely do what the pattern calls, which explains the basket of has beens and should have been better garments had I just paid more attention to what the heck I was doing, sitting in my living room.

Citron, Winter 2009/2010 by Hilary Callis, aka the yarniad. She is extremely talented designer, and I love love love all her patterns.

Another Citron.....

Multnomah by Kate Flagg, knit in RYC Natural Silk Aran, bought at Jessica Knits on my recent trip to Scottsdale,
Ahh, and this beauty, La La's simple Shawl, I love it, and I am currently still working on it. This yarn by Knit One Crochet Too, was also purchased on my last trip to Scottsdale. This purchase took place at Knit Happens, my other favorite yarn shop in the desert!
Citron, this one was a gift to my sister-in-law for her birthday, knit on worsted weight cascade 220, it's lovely, it's huge, it's warm, and it's pink which is her favorite color, so a win on all fronts.
Ahh again, La La's Simple Shawl, knit in Plymouth Yarn Kudo. Obviously this was knit for me, but everyone knows who has it now...........mother
and my first Multnomah, knit in a yarn that I can't remember the name of but it's man made not lamb grown, I heart it anyway, it's full of mistakes because clearly, unlike the rest of you I didn't learn how to count properly in kindergarten, however it makes life interesting, not being able to count accurately.......I can come up with all sorts of way's it's affected my yarn purchases......can we say 16 skeins of light pink cascade 220 purchased on a massive whim, 3 of which are hopefully draped over E.'s shoulders right now.
*safety warning* Probably best not to throw Gabby's ball after I've had a second beer on an empty stomach, I have the grip of an infant and I just beaned myself with the sloppy, stinky mess that she loves more than me......
A toast to Wednesday in honor of Gabby getting locked out of the bedroom last night, her own fault I assure you but she took it out on Mr. Brown nonetheless.
May your gait be straight
Your throw be true
and when you come to bed this night
and unlocked door for you
See you on the flipside!


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