common sense vs. reality

another conversation between my wonderful husband and myself via email.

Me: Look at this new cardigan pattern by Hannah Fettig. I want to buy it!

Dale: Why don't you start using the yarn you have?? you could clothe a large village....
Me: I'm not talking about the yarn, just pattern, and yes I probably do have something at home that would work......

Conversation Part II between me and my stash.
Stash: You aren't really going to use us to knit with are you? We thought you bought us because you liked our sense of color and style.
Me: I do like you, I love you, and I hate the thought of disturbing you but I may have to use some of you to make this sweater with.
Stash: You're going to break us up!
Me: Never
Stash: it's all because of him! Him with that fancy race thingy in the garage. He's jealous of our bond, that's why he wants you to use us, he wants you to get rid of us!
Me: he just doesn't understand you the way I do, he doesn't understand the bond we have formed from the day I plucked you from the shelves, held you all the way home, showed you to all my friends, and put you in your bin with your new friends for safe keeping.
Stash: Well, if you have to choose, take #52 Teal, we know it was probably pity that you made you buy him but really, he doesn't fit in with the rest of us....
Me: but, I don't wear that color
Stash: exactly
Me: I'm sorry
Stash: You can go, We need to be alone now

p.s. the item pictured is the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West, a brilliant knitwear designer and knitter!


Anonymous said…
Awesome! : ) hee heeh hehehehhe -Nicola

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