en route..........

Class: Priority Mail®
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
Status: Processed through Sort Facility
Your item was processed through and left our FEDERAL WAY, WA 98003 facility on May 21, 2011 at 10:03 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

This means that the yarn I ordered is en route and should arrive on my doorstep today while I'm at the office! I can't wait to see it!!
it has some pretty pretty stuff in side!!!
Some of it is top secret present making stuff and the rest is just for fun and to help me finish my autumn vines beret that i only had 1 skein of cascade 220 164 sport. FYI In case you didn't read my post on this.....the Cascade 220 sport only has 164 yards very disappointing when you are halfway thru a hat and realize that you don't have enough when you thought you really should!
I also started another project for a baby.....since I seem to be surrounded by pregnant women lately here are some basics:
Yarn: Happy Feet DK in a teal blue green colorway
Pattern: Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker
Synopsis: it's a top-down side button baby cardigan that is designed to be for the first 6 weeks of babies life where it's hard to dress them (I assume) because they are so fragile and tiny yet, however the way this is designed makes it possibly the swath your baby in knitterly warmth and style. Going out? No problem, pop open the sweater, lay the baby in and button down the side! perfect for over those onesies that babies live in the first few weeks!!
Ease: Very easy but some general knowledge on increasing helps and working in the round (sleeves)
Also, it is so easy that I already made a mistake (although it could have been that I read the pattern wrong and I was watching a movie last night)....I missed a buttonhole but short of ripping back 5 rows (i truly do hate ripping back) I'm going to leave it and hope the baby doesn't notice........
Chances are pretty good that I'm going to crank out quite a few of these over the next few weeks since this one only took me a couple days so far :)

Happy Monday!

Spring Update!
1. Our garbage can potatoes are on the move working their way up. D is going to cover them again with dirt today.
2. Baby Spiders have hatched. I love watching baby spiders as long as they are outside.
3. I discovered that the baby spiders have hatched because 3 of them moved into my car and are currently busy building a web between the dashboard and my steering wheel.......
4. I'm afraid of spiders so I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to drive home.


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