Race Season.................

It's a way of life for us....it's been a way of life for D for longer than I've known him. It's a hobby really, an expensive one at that, but I knit, and I knit with nice yarn so at the end of the year I think it's a wash. We had our second race of the season this past Saturday and while you could read all sorts of blogs talking about the Mini-Stock race and how everyone did you won't find it here.......What I can tell you is that we had an oil pressure issue and decided that instead of risking blowing up our engine that we would run 1 lap for the heat, and 1 for the main just to get some season points. Depending on how the day is going I can crank out a lot of knitting at the track. Apparently I have been described by others as 'the knitter'......People pass by our trailer all the time and say 'oh yeah, your the knitter'.......What makes you say that......as I have DPN's sticking out of my hair and a tangle of sock yarn stuffed in the cup holder of my race day chair.....Yes I'm the knitter.....they especially love that I mixed my hobby with D's hobby and stuck a ball of yarn on the hood of the car.....it's what we do together, and how each of us feeds our souls. The only thing they have in common is us, and that's enough for me.

and it's only appropriate that I work on the baby blanket for Damien at the race track since his father #12 is not only races with D he is also last years Ministock Champion.....Damien is due anyday now but mom Mindy is holding out for the 16th!
Yarn is Berroco Comfort Chunky
Pattern: Big Bad Baby Blanket by Stitch 'n' Bitch
Perfect for mom to bring to the track to keep baby warm and no worry about it getting dirty because it can go right into the washer!


Kelly said…
I love how you knit at the track and how your logo and blog address are on the hood of D's car!
Carmelknits said…
I love knitting at the track! Especially since there can be a lot of down time and we are there for 9 hours on race days!

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