It's Starting....

The fall weather is coming. There are signs of it every where and since summer just arrived a few weeks ago I don't think anyone is ready for it, except maybe the kids who are back in school, nice weather is such a tease when you are stuck in a classroom all day long.
I'm coming right along on my Cream and Sugar Cowl by Alana Dakos and yesterday I was complaining about how the pattern tells you to use a 16 inch circular needle...For 252 stitches? That's CRAZY I told Marcy, Do you know how bunched up it was on the needles? So I did what any amazingly intelligent knitter would do, I used a 24 inch circular needle. I thought I was brilliant and scoffed at the pattern line that said use a 16 inch. I should have known better. Once again the pattern proved me to be absolutely crazy...I did my first cable row and those cables sucked those stitches so tightly together on that circ you'd think I was trying to tear them apart instead of hold them together...So there I was last night after we returned from dinner on Camano Island with D's mom, our friend and her two daughters...10:30 at night watching Criminal Minds and transfering my stitches from a 24 inch circular to a 16 inch circular berating myself for being such an untrusting idiot and bragging about how smart I was before...
Of all the designers who's patterns I question why would I question Alana's? Her patterns are perfectl. They are beautifully written. If it said you had to run to the moon and back to make the pattern work right you can bet there's a reason for it so you better contact NASA and get that space program back up and running.....*note to Alana: please don't ever make that an instruction in your patterns, I'm afraid I won't be able to fulfill it being as claustrophobic as I tend to be a space shuttle would probably send me right into the throws of a hyperventilating panic attack*.

Lesson of the day: Never Question the needle length the designer tells you. There's a GD good reason for it and it will save you a lot of pain (tight stitches) in the end!
Happy Wednesday!


Kelly said…
Gah! I laughed at the NASA comment. : )

You know, you could have knitted the sts from the longer needle to the shorter one instead of moving them one by one... : )
Carmel said…
Oh I did knit them from the longer to the shorter one......Slipping them would have taken forever!

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