Finished Object: Thank You Hat

Yarn: Full Circle Worsted by Knit Picks.
(obviously I ran on for the last 10-12 rows but it works)
Size 6 Needles

I love the way it turned out.
I hated knitting it.

hated it.
said some really really bad things about it.

The Cuff about did me in at one point, but once I tried it on myself I realized it was all worth it and despite my vehemence that I wouldn't knit another... i just might.

I've been meaning to get a new hat out to my little brother for a while now and this hat seemed about perfect for him. I hope he likes it!

You can find the free pattern here at the Purl Bee or you can google 'Purl Bee, Thank You Hats' there are two free versions. the other version doesn't have the big 8" fold over cuff that this one does and I didn't like it as much... I really like this one.

a tip about the yarn: Full Circle feels scratchy as you start knitting with it but as you move along in your project it softens up. I think it's going to be great in Minnesota...

I know I've been quiet lately.
Ever since we returned from Hawaii I've been trying to dig myself out of all the stuff that backed up at work, and at home.

did I mention that I had great plans for knitting while on vacation. I was going to get a huge jump on Christmas and winter birthday knitting...

guess what happened?

I didn't knit a single thing for two weeks...


I'm just as surprised as you are...

Happy Tuesday...


Lynn said…
Nice job Carmel!
Julie said…
what a great hat! I always bring all this knitting with me and then hardly touch it. It's the sign of a great holiday!
Carmel said…
It's a great hat! It was free on the Purl Bee blog. It feels great on. I hope my brother likes it... I don't he got a hat last year so this should make up for it!

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