Karma: it be a'coming your way shawl thief...

Yesterday I read a post on Facebook by a friend of my niece who said the very first hand knit lace project she ever made was taken from her bag at a big box store...
She looked everywhere, in case it had fallen out. Talked to the people at customer service to see if it was handed in, nothing. It was gone. Into thin air.

What a horrible, sickening feeling. To discover something you made, love, and carry with you, snatched without a clue as to who took it.

A hand-knit, whether made by you or gifted to you, is a precious, treasured item. It's more than an object. It's a piece of love. They carry the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of the person who made it. If you steal a hand knit from someone, you steal a little piece of the heart of the person who made it.
Every single item I knit for someone else absorbs the happy thoughts, the good wishes for the recipient, the love I feel for each of them and it's in every single stitch. Knitters aren't sweatshops, we knit because we love it, and we knit for others because we love them. We want to give them something that was made with only them in mind. We knit with good intentions. We knit with thoughts of happiness, warmth, love, and hugs.

That also goes for things we knit for ourselves. There is a pride behind it.

I made this! Every stitch knit by me. Isn't it wonderful. I love to touch it. I love to make other people touch the things I knit. They want to touch them. They can't help themselves...

Knitting isn't done with anger. It's done with joy.

Remember the time I knit angry and the project was so jacked up I had to rip it out?

To the person who felt the need to steal A's Muir Shawl...

Suck it.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I hope you know what you have in your hands.
I hope you understand how you made one girl feel.
I hope you understand the definition of karma.
You are not a nice person.
I hope the next time you visit a petting zoo the sheep bite your hand.



nanaisknitting said…
I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you. I hope you see some one waring it and it can be returned. I agree no one knows what goes into our knitting it is very personal. And, made with love.

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