Prairie Home Companion Live at the Chateau!

We had SO. MUCH. FUN!
We talked the whole way home about how much fun it was!
The ampitheater is built at the bottom of a sloping hill and all the concert goers are set up all around.
We packed up my picnic backpack and a messenger bag cooler full of fruit, chicken, chips, salsa and some water.
We bought wine when we arrived.

One of the funnest things was seeing the set ups that other people had.
They have a low chair section and a high chair section we were in the front of the high chair section.

People spread out blankets, set up small folding tables and lay out spread of picnic goodies. Not to mention the food options available at the tents!

I don't think I saw anyone carrying less that 3 bottls of wine at a time moving among all the people.
We met up with some friends who had relatives visiting from out of town, and that just added to the fun!

The wine poured freely
The singing and jokes were wonderful
The sun was shining

It was a glorious afternoon!
I can't wait to go again, which is happening in a few weeks!

The staging area before heading into the ampitheater

everyone filing in and staking out their claim

the white line marks the walk-way. I'm sitting right on the opposite line

See that dashing man in a suit and red tie? That would Mr. Keillor himself!

snack central and that wine was all mine...

There were about 3,000 people in attendance, I believe half of them were standing in this line for Ben & Jerry's...
Hey mom, remember when I called you Saturday evening, I was standing right here!

who knew a stinky shoe could serve as a glass holder...
 It was a fun day!

Sunday we had a list of chores to do most of which involved washing the boat inside and out and putting the new license sticker on it for the year... I got the inside washed and as I was getting ready to wash the hull I stepped back to see what was what, slipped out of my flip flop and blammo! my heel landed on a nail in a board on the side of the house...
Luckily I had my last tetanus shot in 2011 it was combined with my whooping cough vaccine... phew
After that we headed up to my brother-in-laws to check out their new home and they had just installed a basketball hoop for the dude and well it's a blast to play ball on a warm sunny day. Especially when your husband doesn't realize that you used to play basketball and was fairly respectable at the game...

the best part though was at the end... Just playing around, I was trying to toss the ball in the hoop without looking, so an overhead granny toss... the first two shots were just lining it up, then D said we had to go and I said 'just hold on I want to make this shot'
He starts making some smart comment as I wind up and let it fly...


D had to eat his words about breaking out a chair and pillow to settle in...

His brother thought it was glorious... and something about Aunt Carmel's got game was said...

It's true.

I am however sore in places that haven't been sore for about 22...


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