Finished Object: Simple Slouchy Beanie

I knit this up back in June. 
I bought the yarn for something else and it just wasn't meant to be, so I made this hat, I made the copy cat Fox hat and I have about 2 skeins left to make something else with... Maybe some bulky mittens are in my future. 

It's pretty simple and knits up fast. 
Simple is in the name! I have a feeling that once the temperature drops and it's not 85+ in my neighborhood I'll get a lot of wear out of this hat! 

I also think I need to go to Ikea and get myself a dresser to hold my knitwear... I'm running out of room in my regular dresser... hmmm. 

So here are the details: 
Pattern: Simple Slouchy Beanie 
Designer: Kelly Kingston
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in color Crush.
Needles: size 10.5

I love it. 
The color is me. 
The yarn is soft after it's washed. 
Oh yes, blocking is a must for this hat, it makes all the difference!
Please ignore the light glisten of sweat on my face, It was 90+ degrees in our bedroom
when I snapped this photo.

on a side note, some of you may have heard about a fire in a dry dock marina on Lake Union this past 4th of July... we kept our boat there and it was one of the boats destroyed in the fire. 14 boats total were destroyed, four additional were damaged. 

 We were able to check out just how damaged it was on Sunday when we got back from our camping trip...


lincannon said…
So sorry about the loss of your boat. That Sucks!!! Hope everything goes well with settling it.
Carmel said…
It's being taken care of pretty swiftly... Just stupid illegal fireworks.

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