It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving...
It's crunch time.
It's also question time.

Do I make the pie today or tomorrow when it'll be fresher.
If I make it today and screw it up we have time to run out and buy a new pie.
If I make it tomorrow and screw it up we're eating ice cream.

We are in Florida so ice cream is appropriate
Screwed up pies are not.

However, since I have a wing-it, nonchalant attitude towards cooking and baking and I fancy myself a bit of a risk taker, Sally on the edge person, I'm going to bake the pie tomorrow and what will be will be...

honestly. How bad can a jacked up chocolate pie be?

it's chocolate

if it doesn't set up we'll just pour it over the ice cream...

The sweet potatoes are roasted and cooling on the stove.
The celery and stuffing mix are ready to go...
The bird is fresh and waiting to be roasted
There's champagne in the fridge ready to be toasted...
It's thanksgiving eve and we're all on the move
getting ready for family and to hit the food groove...
May your turkey be plump & stuffed to the gills
May your potatoes be fluffy and hold your gravy wells
baby peas wrapped in butter
and hot rolls on your plate...
eat light today people to prepare for Thanksgiving night!

Well that came out of nowhere!

Tomorrow: Giving Thanks!


Linda Cannon said…
Have fun filled, tummy filled Turkey day!

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