The Thanksgiving Preamble to the 24 Days of Knitting...

Thanksgiving at the Beach... so so many years ago

Thanksgiving is next week...


Gobble Gobble Gobble your happy little knitterly hearts to tables full of family & friends.
I'll be jetting by night across the country to be delivered to my mom's front door ready to fire up her oven and cook her and G some amazing dinners, including Thanksgiving.

Now onto the important stuff.

What the heck is everyone going to be knitting on Thanksgiving?

If you are like me, and there has to be a few of you. You know there is a lot of down time on Thanksgiving.

Some of you eat an early dinner.
Some of you a later dinner.
Depending on familial obligations some of you eat two dinners...

uggh you must sleep like the dead after two turkey dinners.

What I'm trying to get at is, maybe in that down time, if you aren't napping, or crying over the appetizer that got torched in the oven, or possibly secretly drinking in the kitchen because Aunt Myrtle is coming over and she still pinches your cheeks as if you were three years old, and I'm not referring to the ones on your face. In the downtime, or when you are hiding from Aunt Myrtle in the pantry, I have four patterns for you to choose from to knit and maintain and certain semblance of sanity and the illusion that you are a full grown adult who manages her feelings beautifully.

I've had many an emotional breakdowns during family gatherings. Cocktails make them better.

I'm not going to tell you what the patterns are right now, but I am going to give you yarn weight, suggestions and yardage so you can be ready.

You will need 250 yards of worsted weight yarn. (if you are feeling like a finishing queen better make it 500 so you can do both)

I would suggest using a solid color or a slightly subtly variegated solid like a Malibrigo, Cascade 220 Paints, Dream in Color Class, or Madelinetosh. There is cabling & design in both patterns that could get lost in anything crazy.

If you read between the lines you now know you'll need a cable needle. 

The other pattern uses up those odd bits and ends of yarn that you have lying around from previous finished objects.

So as we are all furiously planning our menu's and solidifying our travel plans, don't forget a stop at your lys for the perfect yarn for a project you don't know anything about. Stash it in the pantry next to your mason jar of wine and when the going gets rough, the rough get knitting.

The Thanksgiving Preamble to Christmas will be posted on 11/25/2015 so just in case you don't make it to the store, you'll have the idea on Wednesday when shops should still be open to help you out.

Maybe if Aunt Myrtle behaves herself she'll go home with a treat.


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