24DOK Day 10: Morning Socks

This time of year I love to get up early on weekend mornings.

By early I mean I actually set my alarm to go off about 5:00-5:30.

We, the dogs and I, get up, make a pot of coffee, they eat some kibble, I eat some toast, we turn on the talk radio, the Christmas tree, light some candles and settle in for a nice leisurely few hours of knitting, web surfing, calling mom on the East Coast and generally enjoying the fact that we don't have to actually be anywhere.

It's cold in the mornings though, especially on my feet.
I have slippers and I love them. I putter around in old man loafer slippers all around the house, but inevitably I'll wear them outside and they will get wet and I'll have to take them off.

Enter, Morning Socks.

Slouchy, oversized, thick, warm socks.

remember yesterday I told you yesterday to dig out some DK weight yarn... 

Slip them on as soon as you get out of bed.
Shuffle down the hall to the coffee pot with the animals bouncing around you excited that you have once again remembered to feed them. Look down at your feet and the pretty socks you made are practically smiling at you.

I love my morning socks.
Until my feet get warm and then they get put back in the drawer till the next day.

This sock pattern is great.
It's a TinCanKnits pattern, and you'll thank me, because you can knit these for babies to adult males with size 18 feet (if you can find enough of one dye-lot for a man with size 18 feet) ((I know a kid with size 18 feet, he's not full grown yet and I feel for the shoe shopping soul of his mom. Size. 18. Shoe.))  Bet that made my sock knitting friends tremble.

You can knit these for the whole  fam-damily and every one will be happy Christmas morning sporting their new morning socks, sipping hot cocoa, and unwrapping all the other wonderful knit items you are bestowing upon them.

Maybe morning socks can be a Christmas Eve gift so everyone can wander the halls Christmas morning soaking up all the knitterly love thru the soles of their feet? hmmm

The pattern is Lumberjack Socks

I knit mine using Blue Moon Socks that Rock in Mossay and PsychoBarbie. My two favorites in their shaded solids.
Dk Weight yarn. Size 2 & 3 needles these can be done in a solid weekend of selfish knitting.

Those weekends are the best.

Happy Thursday Night...


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